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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sathyaraj Biodata

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Satyaraj Biography

Sathyaraj(born October 3, 1954) is a lead actor in the Tamil film industry.Although frequently the protagonist in his current run of films, Sathyaraj is well known for his past roles as a cultured, charming villain. He played a significant part in changing the grammar of villainy in popular Tamil cinema. Until his entry, the traditional Tamil film villain, when portraying villainy, was aggressive in his posture, actions and delivery of dialogue. Sathyaraj introduced a more suave, nonchalant approach to depicting cruel villainy, avoiding indulgence in dramatic gestures and in heaping verbal blitz on an adversary. His casually conveyed sarcasm of enquiring "Yennammaa kannu saukkyammaa?" ("how's it going, darlin'?") in his villain/hero roles (amongst other phrases, such as "Thagadu, thagadu" and "Yenn character-iye purinjika matengiriye" ("You simply don't understand my character, do you?")) endeared him to audiences. He is noted for his smooth baritone and for his witty, ironic and flamboyant dialogue delivery.
Sathyaraj completed his primary school education in Tamil at St Mary's Convent,Coimbatore. He completed the equivalent of the tenth standard in a suburban high school, Ramnagar, Coimbatore. In primary school, he was a first rank holder. After completing the fifth class, he saw M. G. Ramachandran's Vaettaikkaaran and immediately became a fan.
As his enthusiasm for films grew, his interest in his studies diminished. He passed his SSLC (Class 10 boards), scoring first-rank marks in history and geography at his school level. He joined the Government Arts College,Coimbatore and completed a Bachelor of Science degree in botany. Tamil actor/director Manivannan was a co-student in PUC (Class 12 Junior college), and the two began a friendship while there. Though he claims to be an atheist he is a firm believer in numerology, Which is why when his residence door no was allotted 13 (under the new number ing system in year 2000) he immediately changed it to 13A, considering 13 as unlucky.
At this time Sathyaraj's family faced sudden economic difficulties, which forced Sathyaraj, after he had finished his studies, to work in his uncle Mathampatty Sivakumar's money-lending shop.
One day Sathyaraj went to see the shooting of the film Annakkili, where he met actor Sivakumar. Sathyaraj later revealed his interest in film acting to his family, from whom he faced stiff opposition. He wrote a letter to his mother and put it into a post box opposite his house and left for Chennai.
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In Chennai, he met actor Sivakumar and producer Thiruppur Manian and started pestering them to help fulfill his cinematic ambitions. Yet Sivakumar vehemently criticized his interest in acting and advised him to immediately return home. Nevertheless, Sathyaraj remained in Chennai, where he rented an inexpensive room at Usman Road. The producer of Thaainadu film, Maathampatty Sivakumar was sending him money every month. Annakkili Sivakumar made him join the drama troupe of Komal Swamynathan.
Sathyaraj's first film was Kodugal Illaatha Kolangal. Then he worked as production manager for the film Kannan Oru Kaikkuzhanthai. In addition to his managerial role, he also had a small acting part in the film. On the title credits of this film, his name was shown on screen with the description: "Aluvalaga Nirvaagam (Official Management): S.N. Rangaraj, B.Sc." and later still in the credits as "Sathyaraj" for his minor acting role. It was "Stills" Ravi who first captured him on film. Then cameraman-cum-director N.K. Viswanathan introduced him to T.N. Balu. This enabled him to act in Sattam Yen Kaiyil. Next, Sathyaraj acted in P. Madhavan's Yaenippadigal. In Kuruvikkoodu, Sathyaraj acted in the role of a negative hero.
Sathyaraj's film-acting career began with him playing minor characters who make brief appearances onscreen. His stature as an actor quickly grew from strength to strength, however, as he took up increasingly significant roles in film, playing lead villains opposite popular leading heroes before finally securing starring roles in Tamil films. His debut as a starring hero in films started with the film Saavi, directed by Karthik. Director Santhana Bharathi, however, claims that he "was the person who introduced Sathyaraj as a hero in [the film] Kadamai Kanniyam Kattuppadu.Sathyaraj is a self proclaimed Periyar follower.His speech during the protest by the Tamil Film fraternity(Hogenakkal Issue)drew a lot of flack for its racist,sexist and hypocritical undertones.
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Personal Life:
    * Date of birth : 3 October 1954
    * Birth place : Coimbatore
    * Real Name : Rengaraj
    * Father : Dr Subbiah
    * Mother : Nathambal, daughter of the chieftain of Pollachi Uthukuli-ZAMIN (Kalingarayar Family)
    * Siblings : Kalpana Arjun, Roopa Senapathy
    * Wife : Mageswari (married on 1979), Maathampatty Sivakumar's niece
    * Daughter : Divya
    * Son : Sibiraj

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